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Axia OST

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Artist: Sofia Gonzalez-Ortiz

Sly, smooth, and self-aware: music for McCarthyism

Axia is a first-person shooter set to the tune of a fictional conflict during the Cold War in the 60's. Our nameless protagonist saves the day by preventing armageddon from a vaguely Soviet threat without it ever reaching the public's eyes. The sincere appeal for this ambiguous tale turned stale many years ago after James Bond and his contemporaries' many reiterations, and it died along with the Soviet Union (of which the west has become so estranged from today). So, we decided to refocus our game with an ironic lens. The music, while being a creation that is faithful to the musical qualities of the time, is deeper than its stylized facade. It is also a satirical, sincere reminder of our capacity for sensationalism. The year is 2022, and hindsight is 1965.

01. Spirit of the Valley 

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